The world is divided into 4 main segments:



Most of us are Complainers and Critics. We have complaints about issues around us. Open Twitter and watch the avalanche of complaints. Terrible traffic, corruption, bad coffee, pollution, delayed promotions, bad medical care, high unemployment, football team losing yet another game, you name it! Everybody has issues with the way the world works, and we express our dissatisfaction all the time.


Some of us are Solution Providers. We have ideas on how to solve these issues. Every 10th tweet will have a suggestion on how to improve things. Of course these solutions get immediately hammered by cynics and they are out-voiced significantly by the complainers, but at least we are there.


Even less of us are the Intenders. We have the genuine intention to do something about the issues around us. But we may never get around to actually doing something about it.


The very few are the Do’ers with the inner drive to turn intentions into action. We are the tiny minority who have the resilience to overcome barriers along the way, and ensure that our actions have a positive sustainable impact. These are the change-makers, the leaders, the history-changers. These are the Steve Jobs, the Mahatma Gandhis, the Nelson Mandelas. This is where Elixirians are. We are the Do’ers.

Economical Pyramid

What distinguishes the doers is impact, not wealth accumulation. So rather than an economical pyramid with the super wealthy at the top, we advocate for a social impact pyramid with khalifas at the top. That’s where we at Elixir want to be.


Do'ers. Socio-Economic.


Intenders. High Intentions to do something, but no real action.


Solution Providers, but no intentions to do anything.


Complainers & Critics.

Our Culture

We at Elixir want to help improve our country and community. We believe we can do it. We have the passion and capabilities to make a positive change. Most Elixir members join to help fulfill the vision of solving complex problems for the public and private sectors. They want to be part of creating jobs, reducing unemployment, encouraging entrepreneurship, and fighting negative mindsets that cause negative behavior. They want to be part of taking stagnating companies and helping them grow substantially to become regional and global players. They want to be part of helping non-profit organizations tackle major social issues. They want to be part of training individuals to succeed. The key word in the Elixir vision is to “help”, and that is the main reason Elixir members join.

With our continuous growth, we are always on the hunt for top talent. Our selection criteria is simple. We want people who are:

  • Hard working.
  • Very curious & eager to learn.
  • Team Players.
  • Highly Intelligent.
  • Leaders.
  • Highly Ethical.


Candidates with these qualities are hard to find, but they exist at Elixir. We hire based on merit regardless of gender, nationality, field of experience, degree, or training background. Elixir’s diversity is a competitive edge because it encourages a wide variety of strategies, insights, and business building ideas.


Once recruited, Elixirians are welcomed into our office, an environment reflecting our values in every element including the design. We have implemented an open space system in which there are no private offices. We all sit together regardless of seniority to encourage open exchange of ideas and knowledge. We also have a hotel system in which members can sit in a different place every day. Depending on the business need, a member could be sitting next to 1 colleague on 1 day and next to another colleague the next. This system has successfully avoided artificial barriers between members and facilitated organic collaboration and transparency. The days of having your own cubby or office don’t exist at Elixir!

Our Development

The Elixir Learning Academy (ELA) offers all members a combination of managerial, functional, and soft skills training. Trainings are conducted by Partners & Senior members of Elixir or outsourced to top quality Training Institutes. The ELA includes:


Strategy Bootcamps offered to all Elixirians to develop their functional expertise in:

  • Customer & Consumer-Centric Marketing Strategy Development.
  • Knowledge & Insight Generation.
  • Enterprise Strategy Development.
  • Operation Excellence Strategy Development.
  • Government Regulations and Interventions Development.
  • ITC Strategy Development.
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving skills development training.
  • Coaching & Mentoring skills development.
  • Change Management skills development.
  • Oral & Written Persuasion skills development.


Elixir Learning Accademy

Coaching and Mentoring

From the 1st day you join, you’ll be welcomed by the Human Resources department and given all the tools you need to get started. You’ll also be introduced to the entire organization as the newest member of the family.

You’ll access the on-line on-boarding kit complete with descriptions of what Elixir is and what it takes to be an Elixirian, as well policies, procedures and tools.


Getting paired with a colleague is also part of your first day experience. This is someone who understands your new role and can informally support your transition into life at Elixir. Many strong friendships are formed from these colleague relationships.


You will be introduced to your direct manager as well as your business unit who will quickly on-board you onto the project you’ll be working on. An enormous wealth of knowledge and support will be at your fingertips as you work in a close-knit team. You may feel overwhelmed, but don’t worry, that’s just the feeling of exhilaration!


Elixirians get on-the-job training on real projects from day 1 with daily coaching from senior members. Every Elixirian has access to some of the brightest minds in the market for exchange of knowledge, skills, opinions, and ideas. A key criterion for promotion—and an element of the performance assessment at Elixir—is development of juniors and colleagues. All managers attend a mandatory Coaching Skills training to acquire coaching skills, techniques, and tools.


After the period of adjustment, each Elixirian chooses a Mentor to discuss long-term personal and professional goals. All conversations remain confidential to encourage an open and honest dialogue. Mentor sessions are systematically scheduled and assessed to ensure they are productive, and that relationships are compatible.


Performance Appraisals are conducted formally twice a year. A thorough analysis is carried out at the year’s end through the Elixir Performance Evaluation (EPE). Linked to it is the Individual Development Plan (IDP) which outlines the steps or interventions needed to ensure continuous development personally and professionally. A 2nd round is conducted mid-year to ensure progress is made. The results of the EPE and IDP are used to help determine ratings, salary adjustments, and possible promotions.


Coaching Elements

Preliminary Period Guide


Coach & Manager


On-Boarding by HR


Long Term Mentor


Elixir Collaborative Culture


Business Unit Colleagues

Our Career Accelerator

Elixir will accelerate your career. Current and past Elixirians agree that the experience, exposure to high-level projects, learnings, and independence of work adds tremendous value to their confidence and skill set. This in turns accelerates their careers beyond other paths.


At Elixir, you get:


Highly gratifying projects aimed at drastically improving our society.



A highly collaborative working environment. No offices. No walls. Open Space. Hotel System. Analysts have direct access to any of the Co-Founders. No intermediaries. No sensitivities. No office politics.



A highly dynamic Elixir Learning Academy. Boot camps held almost monthly for all to attend and learn new strategic frameworks and managerial skills. Between the formal trainings, there are Power-Lunches with case studies and engagement learnings shared by colleagues.



Day to Day coaching to ensure we are getting feedback immediately on how to improve performance.



Long-term mentoring to ensure a balance between professional and personal development goals.



While we prefer that Elixirians continue their careers at Elixir, we realize that we attract the most ambitious top talent in the region. So you can join us to develop yourself and make visible impact, while delivering sustainable results for highly influential organizations. Then if you choose to pursue a career elsewhere, you will have benefitted from being in one of the best practical training environments in the market.

Join us

We invest a lot of time and effort to find the candidate who best matches our purpose and culture. We are all focused on pursuing a common vision and mission. We all believe and live by our common values. Therefore our assessment process is designed for us to get to know you professionally and personally. It is also designed for you to get to know us.


What we look for

  • People who want to improve their society and community.
  • Intelligent people who enjoy solving problems.
  • People who are passionate about succeeding.
  • People who are great team players.
  • People with extremely high integrity. It is part of their DNA.
  • People who know the local market and culture very well.

What to expect

Preliminary Interest

Application Form

Submit CV




Transcript (if graduated within 4 years)


Preliminary Assessment

Analytical Test

Fit Interview


Problem Solving Assessment

Mini-Case Study Interview

Mini-Case Study Interview

Mini-Case Study Interview


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