The projects we work on are not “hit & run” engagements. They are our lives. Our community. Our families and friends. We run into clients at weddings, supermarkets, and dinners, so our reputation follows us everywhere. Our responsibility towards our community manifests itself in what we do.

Our Socio-Economic Passions

The following are just a sample of the projects we want to be involved in:


Help ensure every citizen and resident is contributing to the overall GDP. We want to help create a productive and encouraging labor market environment to allow every person the opportunity to make a positive impact.

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Help upgrade healthcare services and improve the wellbeing of every citizen and resident. There is an opportunity to not only optimize current services offered, but more importantly help people avoid disease through better habits.

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Help upgrade the education system to nurture and graduate highly skilled, motivated, and responsible talent.

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Help ease access to attractive and affordable housing for all citizens and residents. There is an opportunity to better organize the real estate market to reduce land prices and construction costs, as well as ensure a wide variety of reasonable financing options. Ideally, we will also rejuvenate the concept of “community responsibility” through neighborhood organizations, activities, and better planning and design.


Help transform the Hajj experience into an amazing spiritual journey. This once in a lifetime obligation will always be difficult, but unnecessary hardships should be eliminated. Participants should return home with inspiring stories of people they met, places they’ve seen, and experiences they’ve had.

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Help raise the sense of citizenship, responsibility, and accountability among the region’s citizens and residents.


Help improve image of Saudi Arabia globally by better highlighting the significant role it is playing on regional and global basis.

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Help improve the triple bottom line of the private sector.

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Help sustainably grow SMEs.

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Help improve the capabilities and capacity of the non-profit sector.

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Our Sectors


Human capital development is the key to socio-economic growth, and Saudi Arabia is investing heavily in upgrading its education system. We share this passion for upgrading education as well as the expertise that comes with it.

  • We have helped several education institutions establish and/or grow to meet market needs. We have helped establish KG, primary, and secondary schools.
  • We have a thorough understanding of what local parents and students want and expect from schools and universities. We understand the complex challenges education providers face in attracting and retaining customers.
  • We understand what drives philanthropists to donate to educational institutions. We have helped a major college translate such knowledge into a successful fundraising strategy and campaign.
  • We have a strong network of education experts locally and globally whom we tap into for specific knowledge and insights.


Labor Market

We have been heavily involved in driving necessary change in the Saudi labor market to significantly reduce unemployment.


Healthcare and Wellbeing

We have strong knowledge and insight on the healthcare and wellness industry having worked extensively with both the public and private health sectors.

  • We understand the unmet needs in the healthcare sector –particularly the private sector. We translated this knowledge into a unique positioning for a hospital which led to its successful launch it in the market.
  • We understand the core barriers to delivering high-quality home healthcare service. We have also qualified and successfully implemented solutions which have significantly upgraded public and private sector service levels. This in turn has reduced the pressure on public hospitals.
  • We understand the core issues hurting emergency care service quality at public hospitals. We have also qualified and successfully implemented operational solutions which have considerably improved quality levels.
  • We understand limitations to the success of primary healthcare. We have helped institutions in both the public and private sector pilot and deliver solutions.
  • We have the capabilities in identifying mindsets which drive unhealthy behavior and the ability to change such mindsets through holistic preventive campaigns.


Establishing and growing SMEs

We have a comprehensive understanding and mapping of the entrepreneurial value chain as a result of our work with the majority of providers and players in the Saudi market.

    We have worked with:

  • Trainers of entrepreneurship at secondary schools and universities,
  • Boot-camp and Start-up weekend providers,
  • Angel investment networks and venture capitalists,
  • Private equity investors,
  • Incubators and Accelerators.
  • We have helped many companies either get established or grow from small to medium to large. We know all the challenges SMEs face and how to overcome them. We have done so in various sectors including: financial, FMCG, retail, manufacturing and fashion.
  • We have developed and executed national campaigns encouraging entrepreneurship.


Increasing capacity of nonprofit organizations

We have worked with the largest social foundations in Saudi Arabia and Jordan to better understand the charity landscape.

  • We know what drives charity giving and what elicits donor support and why.
  • We know limitations of charities and how to expand their capacity and capabilities.
  • We have designed fundraising strategies, implemented them, and achieved high success in Saudi Arabia.
  • We have devised a long-term solution to sustainably upgrade the capacities of Saudi nonprofit organizations.


Consumer Products

We have helped various companies improve topline and bottom line growth by developing and delivering profitable value propositions.

  • We have helped a fashion company triple the top and bottom lines through the creation of brands meeting various segment needs, optimizing the value chain, raising prices, creating a process encouraging innovation, and upgrading the capabilities of the organization up to the Board of Directors.
  • We have helped financial institutions better understand the various consumer segments, develop customized products and services, attract and retain consumers through comprehensive engagement campaigns.
  • We have helped retailers optimize their value propositions to better meet consumer needs and deliver outstanding customer service. This was achieved in food & beverages, fitness, healthcare, education, fashion, and other sectors.


Real Estate Development

We have helped the public and private sector develop innovative products and services to uniquely fill unmet customer needs.

  • We have helped public sector provide solutions to citizens needing affordable housing.
  • We have helped private sector better understand unmet market needs and help them develop new products to fill them.
  • We have helped private sector market existing products to the right consumer with the most attractive value proposition.


Our Expertise

We combine top talent with expertise in various functions and sectors, with strategy frameworks, deep knowledge and insights, and a collaborative approach with the client as well as key stakeholders. Specifically:

Consumer and Customer Centric Marketing and Sales

The Elixir Consumer and Customer-Centric Marketing framework is used to develop highly effective and sustainable strategies.

  • We deeply understand the overall market, the company, its key consumers and customers, as well as its key competitors.
  • Then we translate such thorough understanding into sustainable value propositions which delight the consumer.
  • Pilots are conducted to test value propositions in the real market.
  • Final value propositions are optimized and then launched broadly.

This framework has worked across sectors and industries including FMCG, retail, fashion, ready-mix cement, real estate development, public sector products and services, food & beverage, and others.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

The Elixir Corporate Social Responsibility strategy framework is used to develop sustainable CSR strategies for middle to large companies wanting to give back to their community.

  • We understand the passions of the company as well as the needs of its community.
  • We then determine the specific cause, which the company can adopt which aligns internal passions with external unmet community needs.
  • We help develop sustainable operational and organizational strategies.
  • Many times we have been requested to help companies translate strategies into market realities while they build long term internal capabilities.

This framework has worked for companies across various sectors and industries including telecommunications, manufacturing and retail, oil and gas, as well as asset management.

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Operational Excellence

The Elixir Operational Excellence strategy framework is used to identify opportunities to substantially improve efficiency and effectiveness. All aspects of the operational model are analyzed including asset utilization, human capital capabilities, technology, processes, systems, and organizational effectiveness. Then a Change Journey is developed to translate such opportunities into reality.

Product & Service Innovation

Elixir has used its Product & Service development framework to develop innovative products and services for the public and private sectors.

  • Elixir starts from a thorough understanding of the market and consumers,
  • develops products and services serving unmet needs,
  • ensures products and services are highly rewarding and sustainable,
  • brands them based on an agreed positioning,
  • pilots them in the market, and then
  • launches them broadly after optimization.

This framework has been successfully implemented across industries and sectors such as fashion, real estate development, food & beverage, and others.

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Customer Service & Satisfaction

Elixir has helped the public and private sectors extensively improve their customer service and satisfaction by:

  • Better understanding their current situations via innovative and informative research techniques and tools.
  • Agreeing on how to improve products and services.
  • Agreeing on how to improve customer service processes and systems.
  • Developing trainings on how to improve customer service organizational capabilities.
  • Developing measures to continuously track progress towards agreed targets.

Knowledge and Insight Generation

Elixir has the capabilities, passions, techniques, and tools to better understand the market, consumer, and competitive situation. We have the ability to dig deeper than traditional tools and uncover hidden insights. We are then able to translate such knowledge and insights into market changing strategies. This has been done across sectors and industries.

How We Do It

Diagnose Core Issue

The diagnosis phase of any engagement is the most critical because it drives the development of successful, practical, and sustainable long-term strategies. And Elixirians are masters at drawing out the truth. We have spent the majority of our lives in the region. We understand the culture and its people. We invest the necessary time to recognize fact from fiction, rhetoric from true beliefs. We can read body language. We can spot contradictions.

Vision and Mission - How We Do It

Pilot Solutions

We then capitalize on this deep understanding to develop solutions which drive value. We develop strategies which will be understood, accepted, and actually implemented by the organizations we serve at all levels. Through our thorough understanding of the local market, we collaborate to determine which global solution can realistically work. The ability to extract from key stakeholders whether they truly feel such solutions can work is critical. And Elixir does this very well. We can sit with key stakeholders and get their real perspective on such global solutions. We can go beyond the boardroom and into the Diwan to get the truth. Most of the time, we need to adjust such global solutions to ensure they have a higher chance of being implemented. Many times a local solution needs to be customized. If time runs out, and we haven’t gotten what we are looking for, we will give it more time.


Optimize & Implement

We don’t leave an engagement until the problem is solved!

We have discovered that figuring out the sustainable solution is half the challenge. Translating the solution into reality is where the battle lies, and we are dedicated to seeing the solution to market as quickly as possible. We want to make sure our recommended strategies don’t end up as strategic decks gathering dust on the client’s desk. Again, Elixir invests the necessary time and effort to understand the barriers to change within an organization and its leaders. Then we figure out ways to help individuals ease through necessary change. Most of our clients end up as friends. The more complex the problem, the more enjoyment we have. That’s what we enjoy, and that’s what we do best.


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